Why Choose a Vegan Beauty Oil?

Why Choose a Vegan Beauty Oil?

Vegan Beauty Oils

What Are Beauty Oils?

You may have noticed the explosion of beauty oils in the skincare market over recent years. Beauty brands use them in all sorts of products and describe myriad benefits for your face, body, nails, and hair, but what exactly are they?



Why is it important?

Beauty oils are viscous liquids that are usually extracted from various plant-based sources, such as the prickly pear cactus, argan trees, and pomegranate seeds. There are many types of beauty oil on the market, but KINDri believes that the best are always vegan.

What Makes A Beauty Oil Vegan?

According to the Vegan Society, veganism is the exclusion of any sort of exploitation or cruelty to animals, including for the use of cosmetics. Therefore, a vegan beauty oil would not use any ingredients derived from animals and would not have caused any harm or suffering, such as animal testing.

Are Vegan Beauty Oils Better For Your Skin?

Our vegan beauty oils are comprised of fewer ingredients, zero chemicals and organic ingredients. These are just a few of the factors that make KINDri vegan beauty oils better for your skin.

Why Choose A Vegan Beauty Oil?

Including the fact that your conscience will be clearer, there are a few reasons why you might choose to buy a vegan beauty oil. To help you understand the benefits, we’ve gone ahead and listed some of the main reasons below:


1. Plant-Based

Plants are amazing, aren’t they? Their abilities never cease to amaze! From their uses in medicine to their power to produce oxygen, their role in ecosystems and even their capacity to make us feel happy and peaceful. It goes without saying that plants play an integral role in beauty care too!

Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other useful compounds are found in abundance in plants, so it’s no wonder they are essential ingredients in skincare. Plant-based beauty oils are a great source of these nutrients, which is why they are at the top of my Christmas wish list this year!

We believe in simplicity and the power of plants here at KINDri, which is why all of our products are plant-based and only ever contain a few ingredients. What’s more, we don’t use any toxic or unnecessary chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about harm to your skin.

2. Environmentally Sustainable

According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, livestock farming “plays a major role in climate change, management of land and water, and biodiversity”. Waste products from animal agriculture, such as the manure, are a major problem. In fact, the manure is one of the main sources of the 65% of human-related nitrous oxide that is produced. This has 296 times the Global Warming Potential of CO2! 

Choosing a vegan beauty oil means that the product won’t contain any ingredients derived from animals. Therefore, by choosing a plant-based and vegan beauty oil, you won’t be contributing to animal agriculture, which is incredibly unsustainable for the environment.

3. Cruelty-Free

Last, but not least...opting for a vegan beauty oil means that no animals were harmed in the creation and production of your chosen product!

In order to ensure that cosmetics are safe for humans, companies have traditionally tested them on animals. Millions of creatures are subjected to cruel testing and are often blinded, crippled, poisoned and even killed for the sake of beauty. Fortunately, alternative testing methods have been created and many countries have now banned this cruel practice, but there are still loopholes you should watch out for.


How Do I Know If It’s Cruelty-Free?

Sometimes the definition of a cruelty-free product can be a little hazy, as there may be some unseen loopholes on issues like animal testing. For example, some companies don’t test their finished product on animals, but may still use ingredients from suppliers that do test on animals. It is for this reason that a number of animal protection charities grouped together to form a coalition in 1996 and created the Leaping Bunny Standard.

Cosmetics companies can apply for this certification, which helps consumers to know for sure whether or not their products are vegan. KINDri passionately believes that our brand should comply with these standards, which is why all of our beauty oils and other products are Leaping Bunny Certified.

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Vegan Beauty Oils

Vegan Beauty Oils - Shop for them here

There you have it! By choosing a vegan beauty oil, you can ensure that your skincare regime is environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free. Moreover, the oils will be plant-based, which means your skin will benefit from an abundance of healthy nutrients!

The Best Vegan Skin Care Brand

Here at KINDri, our whole range is vegan, including our beauty oils. You can have a look at them in more detail by checking out our online shop.

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