clean cold cream & desert dew facial mist duo
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clean cold cream & desert dew facial mist duo

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4 oz. clean cold cream

2 oz. desert dew facial mist


clean cold cream

KINDri CLEAN COLD CREAM is the new version of the old school cold cream that sat on your grandmother’s dressing table. It is the quintessential makeup remover and does not contain any mineral oils, lanolin or beeswax. You can use with the clean, cold, confidence!

Directions: Gently and effectively remove all makeup and impurities on face and neck by massaging about a quarter size amount of product. Remove with a warm washcloth. Leaves skin feeling clean and supple.

INGREDIENTS: clean cold cream


desert dew facial mist

Hydrating Prickly Pear Cactus Water and Rose Floral Waters are infused with uplifting cucumber Seed and Organic Witch Hazel to refresh and balance any skin type.

Directions: Shake well and mist over freshly cleansed skin or during the day to refresh makeup.

INGREDIENTS: desert dew facial mist