How To Use KINDri

We believe that every skin deserves to be loved!

That Means…

KINDri is formulated to serve all skin types with clean, naturally derived ingredients of high integrity.

We are passionate in our commitment to offer affordable vegan luxury skin care. If you’re someone who loves the world of natural beauty and cruelty free skin care and if you’re looking for an easy to do skin care routine, please click on our "how to" videos below to learn more about incorporating KINDri into your daily vegan skin care. KINDri is globally and locally sourced organic essential oil and apple stem cell infused skin care products.


KINDri Quench - A lightweight drink of water for the skin.


KINDri Avocado Smoothie - Soothes, revitalizes and protects your skin against harsh environmental conditions.


KINDri Orange Smoothie - A powerful, newly formulated balancing day cream with a potent blend of 2% Organic Apple Stem Cell and Organic Pricly pear Seed (cactus) Oil for normal to dry skin.  Includes broad spectrum mineral based sun protection.  Creates a youthful, dewy finish.


 KINDri Neck & Hand Rejuvenation - Tighten, brighten and lighten hyperpigmentation and slackened skin wit our unique formula of powerful botanicals.

KINDri Pas de Rouge - Daytime hydration and natural sun protection smoothes on gently, neutralizing redness and improving tone and texture.   The potent cactus secretions in KINDri Skin Care naturally increase cellular turnover while strengthening the skin’s ability to take on the elements.